The urgency of self-sexed | Hanh Tran | TEDxHUFLIT

The urgency of self-sexed | Hanh Tran | TEDxHUFLIT

Not only for selling products but branding 4.0 also focuses on creating new values ​​and positive contributions to society through impressive messages. Therefore, the actual statistics and marketing strategy in the process of Durex branding development, Ms. Hanh Tran’s talk has involved subtle and humorous perspectives around the story of normalizing sex to get a healthy lifestyle. Fortunate Marketeer with more than 10 years experience varies from traditional to digital integrated advertising, from agency to client, from digital marketing to eCRM serving various brands from FMCG (Tiger Beer, Oishi, Tide, Ariel, etc.), Technology (Samsung), Nutrition (Enfamil, Dutch Lady) to Sexual well-being product (Durex).

Together with the team, Hanh has brought home prestigious international, regional & local industry awards such as Webby Award, APAC MMA, Việt Nam MMA with Love. Sex. Repeat by Durex Việt Nam, AMES with SAMSUNG This Is Living, APAC MMA with Dutch Lady Flying Farm, etc.

Hanh was also the Mentor, Judge, Host of various industry related competitions such as CMO Career 2018-19, Adtima Ignite Final 2019, Chuyen Nguoi Trong Nghe 2018-2019, etc. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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Hình ảnh về The urgency of self-sexed | Hanh Tran | TEDxHUFLIT

The urgency of self-sexed | Hanh Tran | TEDxHUFLIT

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