Talking About Your Job in English – Spoken English Lesson

Talking About Your Job in English – Spoken English Lesson

In this lesson, you can learn how to talk about your job in English. Where do you work? What do you have to do in your job? What kind of company do you work for? In this class, you can learn how to answer questions when talking about your job in English. Prepare for a job interview, or improve your speaking with an English teacher. Learn how:

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1. Introducing Your Job 0:28
2. Describing Your Company 2:11
3. How to Describe Your Job in More Detail 4:22
4. Saying How You Feel about Your Job 5:52
5. How to Make a Longer Answer 8:13

This lesson will help you:

– Learn how to describe your job position in English.
– Talk about the department you work in.
– Learn how to say where you work.
– Describe your job in more detail by talking about the company you work for.
– Talk about your job in more detail.
– Explain your job responsibilities and what you do at work.
– Learn useful English phrases to say what you like or don’t like about your job.
– Put more details into your answer so you can make a longer answer about your job in English.
– Prepare for an interview or exam where you have to talk about your job in English.


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A big thank you to the Alphabet translation team from Syria for the Arabic captions!

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Talking About Your Job in English - Spoken English Lesson


  1. Sledgehammer Rich大錘探秘

    This is definitely THE most fabulous lesson I`ve ever seen. Just super! Thank you soooo much.

  2. Hannah Jones

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  7. I’m a teacher. I work in offline education. I work for a small Junior High School, which is located in Cheng De. I have to teach student English, giving advice to them on how to learn effectively and making sure they will learn the right knowledge. I’m also responsible for the class as a head teacher. So I have to manage the class, take care of them, and so on. It’s very challenging work and it can be exhausting because I have to do many things every day, but it also very creative and satisfying, because I know education is more important than everything in the world.

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    I will leave this comment for my class of the aehs (Albert-Einstein high school)

  9. mahmoud elmasrey

    hello every one please i need that video with subtitle becouse i need more vocabulary … thank you

  10. Sameera Jayathilaka

    It's explained in a very attractive way how to describe the job role. Great.

  11. Như Thu Huỳnh Nguyễn

    Part one: Introducing your job 0:29; Part two: Describing your company 2:12; Part three: How to describe your job in more detail 4:25; Part four: Saying how you feel about your job 5:53; Part five: How to make a longer answer 8:16

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  14. Khánh Hoàng

    thank you so much!! this is a very useful lesson for me.

  15. diabate djeneba

    thank you so much, i have learned a lot of expression.

  16. مسيحية مصرية

    I have to work for my speaking English in translation after that I am responsible for making amazing books
    Most of my time to learn English in channels to be a translator such as what I do

  17. مسيحية مصرية

    I want to work in a company or for myself as a translator

  18. Akhyar Shaheen

    I have been working at school where i teach general subject . It's challenging and rewarding job because I'm responsible for different tasks such as lessons plan, deliver lectures, checking noot books, ensuring discipline , consulting parents and makings papers for exam. Some it makes me uncomfortable and exhausted due to misbehaving and unfollowing the rules and regulations by students.

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  20. This is useful for me. Thanks

  21. Latifatur Rofiqoh

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    NIM: 2120020
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  22. Nafisa Anwar Tsuraya

    Hello friends, my name is Nafisa Anwar Tsuraya (2120058), I am a student at the Islamic high school Nahdlatul Ulama Temanggung, i'm beetwen jobs at the moment, but sometimes I work as a reseller, and sometimes I also become a substitute teacher at a madrasah.

  23. Merlisha Daniel

    Your video helped me write my own paragraph about my future job.Here is how it goes.Hope I have less errors, oh also I am just 10 years old. The teacher gave me this assignment to do for tomorrow and u helped me do it,so this is how my paragraph went.
    My Future Job–A teacher
    I will be a teacher.I will work in a school teaching different subjects. I will work for the Ministry of Education. I will work for a Ministry which helps teachers to understand what to do and what not to do.I will have to teach.I will be responsible for giving the children knowledge. Most of the time, I will be spending time with the children. I will be working at the Mongouge Combined School. I will be teaching so that when the children grow up they can make a life for themselves. I will be enjoying my work alot because I love kids and teaching.
    Hope it is good!!!!!

  24. Merlisha Daniel

    So impressive thanks

  25. Cultivating your life

    I'm a customer service specialist for an insurance company. Mostly I'm responsible for helping customers with their contracts at the company. I also have to do some paper work at the end of the day.It can be very busy at times especially on days before holidays though there are days I don't have much to do.To be honest,I find my job quite stressful because most of the customers of our company don't really understand the terms and conditions of the contracts that they bought so every time they come they bring with them a complaint,just the variety of it and the range of it. I'm thinking about taking some time out to spend time with my kids and find another job which is stimulating and sastifying and with more prospect.


    Thank you for not using any kind of music to not distract our attention.

  27. Raqif Teymurov

    İ am Looking for an Partner to learn English better .please help me

  28. Qadir Bakhsh

    Sir what is the different between talking and conversation

  29. Rene Ortega Silva

    I am a lawyer. In my career I have worked as a legal assistant, legal manager and Chief Legal Officer (CLO). Recently I run my own business like freelance and work for different companies which sale medical devices on the Procurement Healtcare. Most of my time is spend writing my Master Thesis on Public Procurement issues. I enjoy my job is so stimulating where I can find new challenges. Some times looks exhausting but it's also very satisfying.

  30. Abd Alrahman Snober

    I'm an asisstant, i work for An Najah National University in electrical engineering department . I've to teach practical electrical Lab. for students ,im responsible for maintinance electrical pieces and electronic devices, most of my time is spent correcting reports and exams.
    This is my first semester in my job i found it really stimulating because i have to do deferent things and satisfying ,but it's really exhausting because of work time is extremely long so it's challenging but not boring.

  31. Thanks this video is valueless for me❤️

  32. Marcia Cosméticos

    I’m a pharmacist. I am between jobs at the moment. I have worked for a Pharmaceutical Company. I worked in Quality Control and I was responsible for medicine analyze and organizing documents related to productions. I learnt to like this area during my College, however I chose this profession because I always wanted to work with Cosmetic Research and Development. I did a postgraduate course in R&D but I couldn’t a job in this area, consequently I came back to look for a new job in Quality Control. The Quality Control area can be challenging and stimulating.

    This lesson is amazing and I wrote a text about my work. Please, could you correct me if I made a mistake?

  33. I am a data entry operator so tell me how can describe your job

  34. thái trần

    I have difficulty in talking about my job . Now , this is less . Thank you .

  35. Hi Dear Teachers
    I am a salesman. I work for a private university cafeteria that makes fast food, tea, coffee, and so on. I have to give students whatever want to from us. Most of my time is spent serving and do the accounts. It is exhausting work because I have to spend all day but I like to do it. I am talking with students in English and they give me energy.

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    thanks so much


    You are very good English mentor…i loved your teaching Style

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