Jikook dynamic from my perspective | 8 years with Jikook | Thanks for 10k subs!

Jikook dynamic from my perspective | 8 years with Jikook | Thanks for 10k subs!

8 years with Jikook | Jikook dynamic from my perspective | Thanks for 10k subs!

BG SONG – On and On by Cartoon

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Ultimate jikook timeline and jikook history
Part 1

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Hình ảnh về Jikook dynamic from my perspective | 8 years with Jikook | Thanks for 10k subs!

Jikook dynamic from my perspective | 8 years with Jikook | Thanks for 10k subs!


  1. Lord knows how much i hate that "ranking Jimin's looks 7th joke". Literally makes me so uncomfortable. I'm so glad Jungkook recitified it by ranking Jimin first now.

  2. FYI if I'm not mistaken, there was a twitter post showing pics of JM's ex-gf from middle school when he was still at Busan. Later on I guess they had to part ways as he had moved to Seoul as a trainee. While JK did have gf during middle & high school but it was all short lived. There was a bangtan bomb were JK ranted during a MV shoot that he had to break up with his gf cause they had not met up for over 200days & he will never get married in this lifetime. Basically they have all had experiences even now they should have partners but alas they are not going to tell the fans or media due to backlash. Looking forward for the upcoming parts…

  3. This is normal young teenagers behavior

  4. Много чего не видела, спасибо за интересное видео. Мне было все понятно до 2019 года, но потом я запуталась совсем. Очень хочется увидеть ваш анализ до сегодняшнего времени и тогда уже высказать свое, личное мнение.

  5. I will patiently wait for more part of this….thank you so much SIS

  6. I cannot wait for more videos. I love Jikook and other love for each other!!!

  7. Thanks for your hard work. Looking forward to second vid, when Jimin does not give much attention to JK, and when JK is reaching JM first.

  8. The Chuseok version of "Danger" #JIMIN asks #JUNGKOOK to accept his love once again at the end! OH WAIT, YOU DIDN'T FORGET IT.

  9. Ansiosa para a segunda parte…. amo Jikook… q eles sejam muito felizes juntos … esse amor é pra toda vida.. ❤

  10. Great video. I always appreciate these chronological videos that show everything from the beginning. A big thank you.

  11. Now I understand their past…i love it…..part two please……I am begging……

  12. Grata por toda sua dedicação…. seu trabalho é fantástico, ultrapassa fronteiras ! É maravilhoso como você consegue expressar e mostrar essa química maravilhosa que existe entre eles, espero que o amor verdadeiro vença o preconceito e o ódio…. por favor se cuide … Amo seu trabalho !!!

  13. Ohhhh I loved the video…..bt one thing I'm sure about them is that they share bond which Is completely out of our imagination…..ND I really don't think they share brotherhood or frndship relationship…

  14. This was amazing. I can’t wait for the next one! I’ve been wanting someone to lay it all out in chronological order so that I can make sense of what I’m seeing now. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  15. Oh thank you for your video <3 I get so emotional every time I see them in their early days. Still young but no longer kids :'( I will never blame JK for his attitude back then. He was so young, and shy, he didn't know how to deal with his feelings, he was constantly in the spotlight which shouldn't make him feel comfortable about that. But the way he was always pushing and pulling with Jimin is pretty telling. He was confused, and needeed to mature a bit at that time. Jimin has taken a lot, and always with a smile, but sometimes it is painful to see. However, he accepted JK as he was, without judging, being understanding and caring, and JK knows it. 8 years later, we can say that he has well returned his attention and tenderness to him 🙂 JK has evolved well, and so did Jikook <3 <3

  16. thank you for this vedio i love it soo much..jikook is❤

  17. thank you for this vedio i love it soo much..jikook is❤

  18. JK once admitted that he was cold to JM firstly because he was extremely shy, and I think secondly, because he was young when he started in BTS and didn’t know how to express himself or understand why he was feeling a certain way about another BOY. He finally came to grips with his feeligs as he matured a bit and came to realize just how much he really cared for JM. It has been an on-going love story ever since. Their chemistry, adoration for each other, their loving gazes, caresses, warm and tender voices with each other, their constant need to be close/near, the adorable way they compliment and praise the other, their undeniable knowledge of every aspect of the other’s interests/viewpoints/likes/dislikes, the way only they can get each other to giggle endlessly, all add up to a true and loving relationship. We all can envy that close bond. It isn’t an everyday thing. It’s beautiful, mutual and above all, they love each other dearly.

  19. Just gonna say idk what is their relationship today but whatever it is , it’s different and really beautiful, since I became an army i realised that these 2 had a very close and different relationship, they’re not the same as others, its a beautiful bond that stands out the most ! No matter what it is, i just know they love each other dearly! And no one is like them

  20. . Thanks, very, very, nice video.

  21. It's a great story. I'm so glad you're doing this.That's great. Thank you, the author, for your painstaking and difficult work. They were all violent, not only with Jimin, but also with each other. But that's because they were too young

  22. Tus videos son arte hermosa; muchas gracias por tu gran recopilación; me hiciste reir y suspirar; tambien senti mucha melancolía :(; realmente nuestros niños han crecido tanto.

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