How to Use Make and Do in English

How to Use Make and Do in English

In this lesson, you can learn how to use make and do through sample conversations and examples.
You’ll see the differences between ‘make’ and ‘do’, and all the meanings of each verb. You’ll also see phrasal verbs and collocations with ‘make’ and ‘do’.

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1. Basic Ways to Use ‘Do’ and ‘Make’ 0:51
2. Make = Create Something 2:41
3. Make = Produce a Reaction 5:52
4. Do = Carry Out a Task 8:32
5. Do = Something/Anything/Everything/Nothing
6. Phrasal Verbs and Collocations 12:23

This lesson will help you:
– Clarify any confusion you had about how to use make and do correctly in both speaking and writing.
– Understand the basic ways to use the verbs make and do.
– See examples of how you can use make to create something.
– Learn how to use make to mean that a reaction was produced.
– Get examples of how you can use do to mean ‘carry out a task’.
– See how you can use do with words like ‘something’, ‘anything’, ‘nothing’, and ‘everything’.
– Better understand how to use do and make in phrasal verb and collocation forms.

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How to Use Make and Do in English


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  15. 9:42 do a deal => I am in the US, we make a deal 😉
    This is how I would explain to an English learner what "make do" means:
    to perform a task or to get by with what one's got 😉

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    3. Mr Rahim makes biriyani for us.
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