How to Understand Native English Speakers – Improve English Listening

How to Understand Native English Speakers – Improve English Listening

In this lesson, you can learn about how to understand native speakers. Even after studying for several years, some English learners find it difficult to understand native English speakers. In this lesson, you can see some simple things you can do which will make it easier to understand natural English. We have certified English teachers at OOE who are happy to help you practice! Learn more on our website:

Remember to tell us which situations you find it most difficult to understand native speakers! You can tell us in the comments!

See the full version of this lesson here:

1. Use Contractions When You Speak 0:44
2. Understanding the True Pronunciation of English Words 3:12
3. Understanding Words Which Are Left Out 6:06
4. How to Use Context to Help You Understand 8:22
5. Understand Different Forms of English 11:10

The lesson will help you learn:

– How to use contractions to sound more natural in English.
– How to use weak forms to improve your listening and speaking in English.
– How to shorten questions to make your English sound more natural.
– How to use the context to improve your English listening and understand native speakers better.

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How to Understand Native English Speakers - Improve English Listening


  1. Daphne Espinoza

    I love their videos, their pronunciation is so clear and elegant. I thank you from my heart for your teachings team Oxford!!

  2. Ian's LearnEnglishLanguageWell

    Very sound realistic advice. Another technique worth trying is to listen to short sentences and think how many words there are. You would need the transcript for this.

  3. Razib Hossain

    I fond both of you as well as Such a beneficial lesson to us. We're elated to regard your precious image, thank you Very much. I'm profound grateful to you

  4. I understand superb their pronunciation it's clear and elegant

  5. ร. ทานตะวัน

    The most hard time for listening English is the persons speak too fast.

  6. One of my favourite video.

  7. Marisa Matheus

    I'm from Brazil. I love do hear you talk, I learn a lot from you.

  8. good teacher, thanks a lot!

  9. Sankar Angamaly

    Clear message

  10. Computador Humano

    I'm from Brazil, i work like programmer, i study today, i study sounds works for 5 month, i find learn just in english same when work. I can understand you speak.
    But native english in groups on facebook is absolutely hard. Phrase verbs. The phrase are much inverted, adjective and adverbs

  11. Lê Thị Thanh Huệ

    This is the first time i see forgine people speak clearly, slowly and perfectly. I'll strive practise listening skill everyday. Thanks for everything. All the best for them.


    For me,Most Difficult Conditions be when I watch TV And The TV debates.

  13. Алексей Литинский

    For me it is hard to understand those speakers that systematically omit some letters while uttering .

  14. Emberyan Mutlu

    Very helpful

  15. the most difficult situation for me to understand native English speakers is that the topic they are talking about is not familiar for me, also they use quite a lot slang.

  16. Rudini Hassan

    When I watching English movie

  17. yeah.. I understand your talking

  18. Axmed Jaamac

    1. use contractions
    2. Connecting words and pronunciation
    3. Leaving some words
    4. Focus general topic to understand
    5. Consider different accents

  19. I can understand easily both but a little bit difficult The scotland accent and ireland too…mainly The northern ireland but when i listen The BBC Channel sometimes i find it difficult because there are more formal words

  20. heart beat...

    God sir

  21. Rene Ortega Silva

    Hi Gina, in my side, I have noticed that to hear different accents in Manchester, London or New York it is a matter of my ear getting used to hearing people, even from INDIA or KENYA, it almost took me a day to get used to it and I begin to understand everything. Thanks!!

  22. Rene Ortega Silva

    I would like to have a clear and elegant pronunciation. Then I will try to use Doing?, you finished, want to come and other weak forms. Let me try!! Thanks for your patience!!!

  23. Carlos Bermejo

    I love this English lessons,but can any native English speakers help me to write a short message to a person who is native speaker whom I did a job for?? I want to tell him that tomorrow or after tomorrow I’ll be in the city and if is it possible for me to meet him someplace where he might be. I’m eager to hear from anyone who would like to help me with word choice and politeness. Thank you all

  24. Hugo Gonçalves

    If all people speak like you both, English language would not a problem.

  25. I miss mother

    Hi thank you so much teacher

  26. Thank you so much

  27. Chinge Chinge

    Hello! I'm form nagaland, north east, India after I watched this video l learn lots of new things tq

  28. Tapasri Barua

    Common/lucid words should be used by everyone speaking in any specific language. Slangs should be avoided!

  29. One of the most difficult situations when people have not so good microphones…

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