How to Talk About TV Shows in English – Spoken English Lesson

How to Talk About TV Shows in English – Spoken English Lesson

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to talk about TV and TV shows in English. Talking about TV in English can help you in spoken English situations such as English conversations and English speaking exams.
Do you watch TV? How and where? What kind of TV shows do you like or dislike? You’ll see how to answer these questions and more in clear, detailed English. Can you describe a TV show you really like? Say what kind of show it is, what it’s about, and why you like it. Put your answer in the comments, and you can get some feedback and corrections!

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1. Talking About TV Habits 0:55
2. Different Ways to Watch TV 4:19
3. How to Describe a TV Show 8:46
4. Talking About a TV Show You Dislike 13:17

With the help of this lesson, you will be able to:
– Explain how often you watch TV and what your habits are when you watch TV.
– Talk about the different methods available to watch TV and which one(s) you use.
– Improve how you talk about TV and TV shows in English by getting new phrases and vocabulary to describe a TV show in English.
– Learn helpful words to talk about TV shows which you dislike.
– Increase your ability to have conversation about TV shows in English in many different English situations.

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Hình ảnh về How to Talk About TV Shows in English – Spoken English Lesson

How to Talk About TV Shows in English - Spoken English Lesson


  1. I'm watching an intellectual game show called Who to choose. In the show, an MC will give questions ab general knowledges like how many teeth an adult have or who has the biggest nose in the world, st like that. There are many big-name actors, singers work as host of the show and they will give answers for players. The players have two options: believe or not believe. Who gets more exact choices will win. I think it's kind of original, and it makes me funny and provides me with more understandings. I watch it on YT streaming, but you can also watch it on broadcast TV

  2. I like really anime that is japan cartoon. There are a lot of kind but my foverite is shounen anime . The storyline isn't diffucult .So , I can suggest if you want to watch something light after working or school

  3. One of the disadvantages of watching broadcast TV is that we need to follow the schedule of a program which I like. May be I am not available at that time.

  4. I am watching a show called"Rick and Morty" and I really like it. It is hard to categorize it into any type of show since it includes a lot of element such as comedy or science-fiction. The plot of it mainly described the experience of Rick,a mad scientist, and his grandson,Morty's adventures. I like this show a lot since it is really funny for me.Besides that, it also tells a touching plot sometimes and make people to start thinking some philosophical question like what's the meaning of human's life.

  5. I am following an educational channel on YouTube called Oxford Online English. There are many lessons about different and useful topics. You can also practice what you learned with a lot quizzes. OOE Teachers are super. The ways they teach are very easy to understand, it is incredible. I am sure that you will learn a lot about English. If you are learning English, let's check it out!

  6. I used to go through phases, but now I don't have much time so I often binge-watch and put TV on in the background while I'm doing others things. I got really into a comedy sit com called JUST LAUGH and now I get really into your English channel. I prefer streaming to watching broadcast. I find it more convenient, I like being able to watch what I want and when I want. Most streaming services don't have any adverts. And many streaming services let you watch TV shows from other countries in other languages. It could be better if we don't need to pay to watch on streaming services.

  7. Turkish television is by far, almost the worst.
    Series last AT LEAST 2.5 hours,
    There is too many advertisements (TRT 1,the government television shows 5 HOURS of adverts PER DAY).
    The program schedules have a maximum of only 11 programs PER DAY.
    Most of the programs that make the schedule are SERIES.
    Almost no news is shown. (TRT1 shows it only one time for 45 minutes).

  8. In my experience the chilean televition is very boring. Is always the news notice bad nothing good .And unique channel funny is the red. The also all bad.

  9. what about foreshadowing ?

  10. @12:44 what does it mean a show to be original?

  11. @11:23 is it films at or in the cinema? do we watch films at or in the cinema?

  12. Please, how yo do a monologue.? Ej. T.v

  13. It’s An awesome video .really useful i didn’t have any idea of vocabulary.

  14. It's a good lesson. I Really enjoy for this lessons

  15. 1.No,I rarely watch TV.Because in these days,I'm really busy about lessons and some other kind of jobs.
    2.Umm…..maybe is the Thailand show,called offgun night.They r really cute and very hilarious.
    3.Yeah,I have ever binge-watched a show.I have watched a show till morning without sleeping.
    4.I will honestly tell u that I don't do anything about housework.But I like to put the TV on the background while I'm eating breakfast or drawing.

  16. Kasia is good for teaching

  17. I watch TV every day, my favourite. show fashion show i sooooo like it because I want to be fashion designer it's my passion

  18. I go through phases.I got into Netflix oscar movies and I binge-watched.I like to put music on in the background when I am doing my household chores.

  19. No entendí nada pero intenta adivinar

  20. I really don’t have much time to watch TV at home. Because of my busy chores. But when I find sometimes , I love to watch American Got Talent, The show is pretty exciting and it’s help me to relax while listening especially the good singer’s who was joining the Show from different country. I also fun with Simon Cowell He is brilliant mentor and too direct .
    I like the way He speaks out loud with the talents, and When He really likes the voice of the singer He definitely hit the golden buzzer right away!

  21. Thanks so much ♥️♥️♥️

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