How to Learn English Vocabulary (and remember it!)

How to Learn English Vocabulary (and remember it!)

In this lesson, you can learn how to learn English vocabulary as well as how to use and remember it.
You can see the common mistakes which many English learners make when learning vocabulary, and you’ll see several simple, practical ideas that you can use to build your English vocabulary and remember what you learn. Learn how to learn and remember English vocabulary quickly and efficiently.

Speaking with another person will also help you remember the vocabulary you learn. Try a lesson with a teacher today and see how classes can help you improve:

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1. Learn Only What Has Meaning to You 0:48
2. Learning Active Vocabulary vs. Passive Vocabulary 4:51
3. Learn Vocabulary in Meaningful Phrases and Sentences 7:59
4. How to Review and Remember English Vocabulary 12:33

This lesson will help you:
– Understand learning methods that will help you learn English vocabulary.
– See what learning active vocabulary is and what learning passive vocabulary is.
– Learn vocabulary in meaningful phrases and sentences.
– Use methods to review and remember English vocabulary.

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Hình ảnh về How to Learn English Vocabulary (and remember it!)

How to Learn English Vocabulary (and remember it!)


  1. I think this is the most useful video about English learning I've ever seen. Make example sentences personal to you. I used to memorize example sentences from a dictionary, but it was inefficient. I hope making sentences by myself will help.

  2. Sir sorry I find the alphabets highlighted are too small for me to see properly.

  3. my native language is english so good luck to anyone trying to learn it. I don't use proper grammar online so it's completely fine if any of you use improper grammar lol

  4. I think vocabulary is the best thing in learning english. If i want to hear or speak with native speaker, i will have to know many vocabulary and how to use it. But this solution is quite complex, must learn a few new words in one day. Can you give me the advise? Thanks a lot.

  5. Same techniques m using to build my vocabulary. Thank you oxford online english for useful information.

  6. Hi, I'm Phạm,from Vietnam.I sometimes roam YouTube watching videos on English and I find yours helpful.The way you have conveyed knowledge is extremely simple and understandable although sometimes it is unnecessarily new.hopefully, you'll make a lesson on common slang and expressions used daily in UK in particular or elsewhere in general.Thanks in anticipation.

  7. I'm a citizen from a small village in Southtyrol Itay whit the name Toblach and I'm fun every day. Oxford online english can me help a lot for practice learning.

  8. Thank you so much, I got many advantages, regards.

  9. This is an amazing video!! I loved it. Thank you so much. It has been very helpful for me… Lot of regards from Peru.

  10. This is the most logical video I've ever seen about learning vocab.

  11. These classes very useful for me. I need to you more help. Thanks

  12. Love it ! I will challenge my self in study English vocabulary in a few month to see how much I can improve . Thank you very much all teachers .

  13. Oxford Online English show off great methods to learn English. I love it, I've been memorizing this tips to study English

  14. Thanks for your very good is the best.

  15. Female voice is more clear .

  16. Such great examples & simple explanation.

  17. Thanks a lot! it is useful to me in learning English

  18. thanks a million , it is a well explained lesson

  19. The way you describe the meaning of Vocabulary is a real knowledge for me. Of course, this video is worth watching.

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