How books can open your mind | Lisa Bu

How books can open your mind | Lisa Bu

What happens when a dream you’ve held since childhood … doesn’t come true? As Lisa Bu adjusted to a new life in the United States, she turned to books to expand her mind and create a new path for herself. She shares her unique approach to reading in this lovely, personal talk about the magic of books.

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Hình ảnh về How books can open your mind | Lisa Bu

How books can open your mind | Lisa Bu


  1. What a beautifully inspiring talk

  2. Wow, this was a VERY interesting talk!

  3. I love her. Next time I need to get my point across to someone about the power of books, I'm just going to show them this video because she's said it all.

  4. Can you guys share books that I must read, please?

  5. 4:31 books…. or maybe only [some] journals. yes, there is less fear in "Buddhists"…. unless it involves money at all. then "fear" is turned upside down and so is the social part. for normal "Buddhists". so…. interesting? no. June 27, 2021. we shall see. when it comes to the delta variants…. the whole thing is laughed off, even where today almost no one has been vaccinated yet or will for a long while, let alone twice for sure…. delta is easily subsumed [ N.B. easily subsumed ] as COVID-19…. especially by folks with especially "No Fear". so they say. and laugh. ? "we already know about COVID-19". that is also because of money. need to work. but none of anything in our past, or COVID-19, is as nutty as subsuming methane as the same thing as Co2. which is about money but also….. the love of "travel". especially in some countries. "some" of which hold hegemony as well. interesting? nope.

  6. Reading books make me acquired many vocabulary so I like walking at the library, finding my interested books and reading them.

  7. wan the s to be engineer

  8. Congratulations. Good speaking. Very happy… Asifa.jammu kashmir)

  9. You don't have to slander your home country to be satisfied abroad. I often go abroad, but I never belittle my motherland.

  10. The fuzzy sprout possibly frighten because spy likely decide along a therapeutic encyclopedia. dysfunctional, hushed error

  11. Book open other life door of myself, I'm very lucky when have opportunity like that. Opportunity to read a lot of book like self-help and classic book. I realize I'm too little in the world but always have way to live helpful and made the world become beautifull place to live.

  12. Reading too much is distractions. Why readers are miserable ? Why can’t we turn more inward ? Most people hate silence

  13. This is a 6 mins of great speech.

  14. When she talks about the world map, I am totally speechless, just plain wrong, in my opinion.

  15. Is 16 too late to start reading books?

  16. "Books have given me a magic portal to connect with people of the past and the future"

  17. “Books have given me a magic portal to connect with people in the past and future.” Danggg never thought if it that way

  18. Beautiful, beautiful , beautiful!

  19. “Compare and contrast” wow gonna do that! Such a good idea.

  20. "Those who barely reads, barely hears, barely speaks, barely sees." Monteiro Lobato

  21. “How books can open your mind” – John F. Kennedy

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