Do schools kill creativity? | Sir Ken Robinson

Do schools kill creativity? | Sir Ken Robinson

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Sir Ken Robinson makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity.

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Hình ảnh về Do schools kill creativity? | Sir Ken Robinson

Do schools kill creativity? | Sir Ken Robinson


  1. There is a amazing amount of very creative and talented people in our
    Prisons. How most got there had nothing to to with living in creative
    Being. It has to do with living in
    Survival. A huge disadvantage and
    Disfunction of human potential. ♥

  2. Who is Sir Robins really? He belongs to super human through his discourses.

  3. You know what the best part is this is a part is we had a whole 3 lessons about why school was terrible they know its a problem but don’t want to do anything:)

  4. Shocking to hear of his passing. I just discovered this TED talk. May he rest in peace

    The sad reality is this TED talk’s almost as old as me but nothing has changed. It’s still exactly how he described it. The school system is just like the one guy in class who never does their homework, never studies, never passes and winds up having to repeat the same year multiple times. No pun intended lol

    We need changes like ASAP

  5. Will anyone do something for our education? Or it gonna stay in our choice? Just do what is important for us …

  6. Pretty grim when he announces that he thinks kids starting school in 2006 will ever be able to retire.

  7. The didactic anteater preliminarily train because ping expectably rely circa a detailed offer. stimulating, tender tense angora

  8. इस वीडियो को 2021 में कौन कौन देखा

  9. 3.7k dislikes are from university professors and school teachers.

  10. It is interesting to watch this video after 14 years and nothing changed

  11. Im literally being forced to watch this for school

  12. Something that school definitely kills for me is the desire to read. At the end of last summer I decided to finally finish the Mistborn books. I read through books 2-6 in about 2.5 weeks. The fastest I'd ever read a series. Then this past school year came along and as usual we had to read some "classics" in English and do some personal reading. I read roughly the same amount of book in those 2.5 weeks as I did over a 9 month school year. Only now when I have nothing to occupy my time in summer am I now dipping my toes back into reading on my own. Luckily, I don't need to take an English class next year.

  13. Learn a lot from you thanks for all you give in life

  14. It is up to us to carry on Sir Ken’s legacy.. What an Inspiration . The educational bible. R.I.P

  15. Is that jeff bezos at 15:00 with that BIG loud mouth?

  16. ほなワシになんか才能あるっちゅうんかい。

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  18. I want his ability to laugh at his own jokes

  19. This video is why we need TL;DR's

  20. Back when TED talks actually were worth it.

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  22. 14:57 is it not jeff bezos in the centre?

  23. 3.7k crappy teachers downvoted this video?

  24. This could be 2 seconds, it could just be a man or a woman saying yes

  25. Funny how this was in the YouTube learn at home

  26. 14 years later, I hope we learned smth from his talk and are making a difference now! Great one ☝️

  27. such a shame nobody listened to this inspirational man here in the UK where schools and education is still failing thousands of young people who have no interest in university and because of this are abandoned as being not worth the effort.

  28. The problem, while I hate the word creativity, is that it can never be institutionalized.
    The institution is a system that has such a heavy and burdening presence, by the nature of what it is. Being a part of it, you realize how much it will conform you, and this is not a direct influence, nor is it an intentional one. That’s the problem. I just think it will never happen, and it is only until you leave it that you are able to develop yourself.

  29. All this time has passed and still no one is utilizing this amazing thought process

  30. Yea, school does more damage than killing creativity. Its main aim about spreading the knowledge of course is useful, although terribly unsuited for most of people. Of course letting a personalized scholarship will be utterly difficult to put up.
    I do believe there are alternatives, like a simple change of atmosphere. Why does this always have to be boring-looking ? I mean, darn, something like Mr. Keating's class in Dead Poet Society, with a little touch of originality, of little more of genuine active interaction would do the trick. But instead, we stay sit on our chairs, letting our energy drain like as if a parasite were bloodsucking you to absolute tiredness. I remember an odd quote I discovered on accident one day that says : "Two philosophers go less further than a brute who walks" ( It's roughly my translation, as I'm not british nor american-native )

    About mathematics, most people like to refer about Albert Einstein, well which is quite accurate because after his death, his brain was cut to see why he was such a brillant scientist. And this is it : depending on your cerebral lobes, you can easily understand mathematics like a breeze. However, only a small portion of humankind actually have this chance to have such brain constitution. I wouldn't say this is impossible for the other part, but for sure this needs hardcore explanation and better tracking, which takes time … And time is your worst enemy like going on an exam. I lived it in high school, and as a slow thinker I am, this was awful. The only way you could manage everything in time was knowing exactly what to do while you were reading the instructions. Like the exams are calculated. But honestly, people should only know the basics of mathematics, we don't need stuff like arithmetic progression or integrals in high school, because this is bonkers, and you'll never have the time to fully understand that as fast as demanded while having to juggle with the other 10 disciplines if you don't have the correct brain. ( And let alone knowing your brain information yourself ! )

    And because of having to know thousands of stuff that most of the time don't interest us, or kind of does but you can't invest because the lesson standards are so boring and stressing. Sometimes I start to feel like everything was done on purpose to get a dull life while it barely started, like to prepare you for the 40 years of labour that follows. Shyeah, great only life, isn't it. Well anyway, I'll grasp back my sentence ( And there's worse than that in this world ). Because of that, soon after you tend to forget things, and then it's almost as if you wasted all these hours just for nothing. And sometimes these same people who says that such educational system is a great model despise all these video games or anime, because it's some kind of a nuisance. But I'll tell it, I've learned more stuff in games and anime that I actually remember instead of school.

    So, just a little bit of gamification and enjoyment to let us memorize better the knowledge, right ?
    Or do they think games are only for babies ? Yare yare da~ze …

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