A2 Flyers speaking test – Michaela | Cambridge English

A2 Flyers speaking test – Michaela | Cambridge English

Read more about the A2 Flyers test: https://camengli.sh/3avV69T

You can download the examiner’s comments on this test: https://camengli.sh/37Dtyh3

Part 1
What’s in Part 1? The examiner will greet the child and ask their name, family name and age. Then they look at two pictures. The pictures are similar but they have some differences. The examiner asks the child to describe four differences in the pictures.

What should children practise? Understanding and talking about differences between pictures. Talking about colour, size, number, position, how people/things look, what people are doing, etc.

Part 2
What’s in Part 2? The child and the examiner each have two similar pictures (for example, pictures of two different classrooms). The examiner has information about one picture, and the child has information about the other picture. First, the examiner asks the child questions about one picture, and then the child asks similar questions about the other picture.

What should children practise? Answering questions with short answers. Asking questions to get information.

Part 3
What’s in Part 3? The examiner shows four pictures which tell a story and tells the child about the first picture. The child has to continue the story and describe the other three pictures. The title of the story and the name(s) of the main character(s) are provided.

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What should children practise? Understanding the beginning of a story and then continuing it. Describing pictures.

Part 4
What’s in Part 4? The examiner asks the child some questions about him/herself (for example, school, hobbies, birthday, family or holidays).

What should children practise? Understanding and responding to personal questions.

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Hình ảnh về A2 Flyers speaking test – Michaela | Cambridge English

A2 Flyers speaking test – Michaela | Cambridge English


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