6 Things to Stop Saying If You Want to Learn English

6 Things to Stop Saying If You Want to Learn English

In this lesson, you’ll see six things we often hear from English learners we meet. We see them in YouTube comments. We hear them in classes.
Do you want to learn English and make faster progress? Of course you do! This lesson will give you 6 things to stop saying now to improve the way you learn English!

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1. It’s too difficult 0:20
2. I understand 1:33
3. How do I…? 4:15
4. How long will it take me to…? 6:10
5. I can’t 8:05
6. I want…/I need… 9:30

This lesson will help you to:
– Understand six different phrases to stop saying.
– Learn why it’s important to change the way you speak to improve English.
– Get a list of unhelpful words and phrases we at OOE often hear students say.
– Understand better ways to approach these situations if you want to learn English.
– See what you can say instead to learn English more efficiently.

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6 Things to Stop Saying If You Want to Learn English


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